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The Full Story on Sarosh...

“You have a Master’s degree from Stanford University and you’re applying to work at a café?”

The barista looked at me, looked at my resume, looked at me. Heat rising up my collar, I was acutely aware that this looked bad—like, epic fail bad.


I had immigrated to Canada alone in 2007 with a Pakistani passport. Fresh out of university, I drove across the border in a rental car and landed on a friend’s couch. I had no job lined up and it was turning out (cue coffee-shop humiliation moment) that a degree in literature, albeit from an Ivy League school, didn’t give me any bright prospects.

Ivy League Lost Soul, circa 2007

But fast-forward to 3 years after immigrating, I had built my own business amassing a real estate portfolio worth over $2.7 million built on inspired hustle, strategy and self-belief—all while working in the non-profit sector earning peanuts! I had manifested that beautiful unicorn—financial freedom! My business supported me and covered all my necessities; I was free to only do work that I loved and believed in. So while I was earning next-to-nothing helping communities all over Toronto start organic food gardens, I was at the same time making cha-ching cash flow—and stunning equity!—with my real estate.

Here I am at my job teaching a workshop about worms. Yup, to each their own.

People around me just couldn’t wrap their heads around how a woman like me, a new Pakistani immigrant working for a not-for-profit doing charity work could gain financial freedom while still in her 30s. It baffled people. (Which I thought was kind of funny.) Anyway, here’s how I did it. In one word: AUDACITY.


Yes, you heard me. The way I see it, that was really the one and only thing separating me from the people scratching their heads.


And it’s how you too can rock your dream life and business—by surgically removing all the bulls#*@t stories you’re still carrying around that you are not ready enough, good enough, deserving enough, legit enough, educated enough, special enough, whatever fill-in-the-blank enough to succeed big time!

The Big Aha for me was when I realized that confidence can be learned (or, even more satisfying, just TAKEN). Hah! You can just claim it. Own it.


Ok, ok, I get it. Easier said than done!

This is me in one of my rental properties—geared up to slay in business and be a force for good!

Look, it didn’t happen overnight for me either. It’s not like I popped out of the womb snapping sassy fingers. Quite the contrary! I actually grew up in Saudi Arabia in a conservative little bubble where I wasn’t allowed to do this and I wasn’t allowed to be that. I was to be a good little girl, studious and demure. Shining in academia was encouraged, but other than that I was to just generally keep myself covered up (in so many ways—don’t get me started)!

These days, I’m kinda Badass, if I must say so myself. In so many ways! And I’m so jazzed to share this alchemy, this magic, with you! Because the other gift that my success has given me is the time and freedom to bring all my A-ha moments to other women, so they can shine, be themselves, be abundant, be free and handcraft the life of their choice, the way I have.

Here’s my question for you:

What are you NOT totally going for today? What haven’t you claimed? Where are you not totally confident, vivacious and audacious?

Here’s what my BADASS life of audacity and financial freedom looks like. What about you?

Shopping for a Recreational Vehicle with my BFF.

Never having to look at the price tag of what I put on my plate.

Pursuing whatever education I wish to. That’s me at my first art class! Not bad, eh?

Having the time to really get intimate with Nature.

Buying 10 acres waterfront on my dream island!

Going to every Cirque du Soleil show I want to within a 5000 km radius with my BFF.

Getting all the fancy-dancy plants I want for my garden!

Mentoring with the very best coaches. (Robin Sharma)

Nourishing my soul often on spiritual retreats with my tribe.

Buying original art from my favourite artists. That’s friend and Iraqi artist Omar Odeh!

Traveling wherever I want, whenever my cat permits me.

Paying premium for funky hairdos.

Going to The Titan Summit with my BFF.

Living a life that generally feels like this!

What are your desires, big and small? Let's work together to help you get that new Tesla or a mani/pedi weekly! Whatever YOU want to experience in your life!

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