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Where Are You Leaking Time and Energy?

Distractions are a part of life whether you work from home or at an office but if your goal is to work fewer hours while maintaining your lifestyle, then it’s time to identify the distractions that are leaking away your time and energy. Here are three tips to take stock, take action to protect yourself and get the best out of your day:

1. Set Up an Energy Shield

Create boundaries and enforce your business hours with your family and friends. No more phone calls from your bestie when you’re supposed to be working on your mission. Tell mom you have limited time for lunch. You set business hours for your clients to follow; your family and friends can follow them too. But if it delights and energizes you to have hair appointments during business hours, go ahead and indulge.

2. Feng Shui Your Focus

Decluttering your workspace will also work wonders for your psyche and productivity. Clutter is a visual distraction and can sap your energy immediately upon entering a room. If your office space is a throw-all room, take time on a weekend to find a place for everything and enforce this boundary with your family and with yourself. Your workspace is your mission station. Your mission is sacred, so treat your workspace like an altar to your natural gifts and talents, not a dumping ground.

3. Try Minimalism For Your Mental Space

Your smartphone is likely a distraction so try keeping it out of arm’s reach to avoid checking notifications all the time. Better yet, turn the ringer off while you work for your scheduled block of time. If you’re worried about missing an emergency call from the kids’ school, keep the ringer on but set it across the room or in a hallway and use the caller id before answering. Turn off your computer notifications and shut down computer windows you don’t need for work. If you’re focused on writing your book, you don’t need to know what your Facebook followers are doing every two seconds. Likewise, shut down email and Skype. Enforce boundaries you set with your clients and check email messages only at certain times during the day. Badass businesswomen are obsessed with the full-on expression of their magic... their fun is developing their mastery versus playing with their phone, gossiping with their pals and watching mindless videos.

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